Update Your Skills to Match the Future

Keeping your skills up-to-date should be the number one priority for any employee. Not doing so can cause the competition to take your job position due to their wider array of skills. With that said, keeping your skills up-to-date will involve learning anything and everything to do with technology. The recent pandemic has been a disruptive force on the work world, but the disruption is only beginning.

Remote work has led many companies to shed traditional jobs from their payroll in favor of a tech-based job that can be completed from anywhere. As covered by Fox Business, many of the jobs lost to Covid-19 are set to disappear forever. Keeping that in mind, the future of work will clearly be based around technology. To that end, acquiring tech skills should be the course of action taken by employees today.

Attend a Trade School

When it comes to picking up broad tech skills, there is no source better than a trade school. This form of education, sometimes called vocational schools, features specialized courses that prepare students for a specific career in technology. These courses usually occur over a length of about a year, which makes them a quicker option than a graduate program from a traditional college or university.

Some highly rated trade schools, such as General Assembly, even offer deferred tuition or month-to-month installments which are great options for people who don’t have large sums of money on hand. Additionally, trade school enrollment has been on the rise for the last few years as the value of these educational institutions is beginning to be realized.

General Assembly is just the tip of the iceberg and Job Training Hub has a large number of top-rated trade schools that can be attended completely online. This option makes it tempting for any employee who is also working a full-time job but hopes to launch a career in technology.

Consider Enrolling in a Bootcamp

Trade schools are the best source for developing broad tech skills for the future of work, but bootcamps are the best way to develop specialized skills. The most commonly known bootcamp, as well as the oldest, is the coding bootcamp. These have been around as long as coding languages have, and are accredited ways to pick up the skill.

With that in mind, there are a wide number of bootcamps available for a number of tech careers that often receive little attention compared to their coding counterparts. To put it into perspective, popular data science bootcamps have made a field that used to require a master’s degree accessible to all. Overall, tech bootcamps have opened up numerous tech fields to the average worker.

Acquiring the skills needed for the future of work could be as simple as attending a bootcamp online for a few months, depending on your interests. With that in mind, earning an accredited online degree from a university or college is more than an acceptable path and is still widely respected in every job market.

Pick a Skill and Capitalize on It

Everybody seems to be under the impression that staying relevant in the tech-dominated workforce will mean that all your skills will need to change and you will be a completely different worker. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You need only to develop a single tech skill that can set you apart from the competition and help you to stand out as a dynamic worker.

As far as which skill to pick, coding and programming offer numerous languages that are widely applicable to any job in the workforce. Learning Python could be a smart strategy, as this programming language can be used to complete virtually any job function involving computers, and is widely used by popular companies.


At the end of the day, keeping your skills up to date will require foresight on your part as to where the future of work is heading. By watching the tech trends of today, the skills of the future can be predicted and developed. To that end, developing those skills should be an ongoing process throughout your entire life. The skillset you have at any given time can always be improved substantially, and doing so can lead to a longer and more fruitful career.

Written for HMS by Career Karma