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At HMS we specialise in getting new businesses up and going at affordable pricing. We know that finding money for marketing, when you’re just starting out is nearly impossible, so here are some of the things we can help with.

Social Media​​

We help setting up your social media accounts properly. We'll advise which ones you need and which you don't.

Logo Design

It's important to get your logo right from the beginning to help build brand awareness. Just $150

Online Advertising

We set up and manage Facebook and Google Ads. We'll advise which, if any, is best for you and work with to find a suitable budget.


We are a part of the HMS Marketing Group and have been producing print and promotional products for over 20 years.


We've been producting banners, backdrops, flags, corflutes - whatever your signage needs are we can do it.

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This is always going to depend on your product or service and where your market is.

No! We’ll help you work out which the important ones for you are.

Absolutely. But it needs to be informative too, not just salesy.

If you’ve done your research and know that you have a product or service that people want and will pay for the next step is to put an actionable marketing plan in place. That will show you how fast you can expect to grow. And it keeps you accountable.

Asbolutely not. Print is a valuable part of your marketing. People hang on to fliers and brochures with products or services of interest to them. And they’ll often contact you months after they received it!

Research your market. Make sure your product or service has a unique sellling point. It might be you, or it might be the product or service. It’s pointless starting a business if you don’t know you have a market.

After being in the marketing world for over 20 years, if it’s something we don’t specialise in we’ll refer you to one our trusted partners.

We’ll build your website within a few days (make sure you have all your pics and text to give us). We’ll have your socia networks up and running within a couple of days. So let’s get started!